Series of new inorganic materials (labeled as ANORGAN “X”) containing effective elements for shielding penetrating radiation (ionizing radiation) have been systematically developed.

Laboratory preparation of samples, design of their structures, including production of suitable forms for securing experimental measurements were managed as well as procedures of data preparation for modeling, theoretical calculations of shielding properties of samples and basic methodology of experiments and technologies of quarterly production. We also managed to find and verify the basic suitable combinations of inorganic elements and their optimal combinations for a preparation of shielding elements with high utility values of a coefficients shielding.

Products from ANORGAN are being well technologically processable, the basic physical and mechanical properties of materials are given mainly by their purpose (applications).

ANORGAN materials are oriented for use in the fields of nuclear energy, healthcare, IRS, defense and security systems of national and private matter, as well as wherever, where there is a need to shield off penetrating radiation.

The inorganic nature of these materials guarantees their non-flammability and ensures their temperature stability in the range of 300 – 1200 °C depending on the material type. Newly developed ANORGAN materials are ecological, they can be disposed of as ordinary municipal waste, non-degrading in a radiation environment, with a specific weight in the range of 1 – 3.8 kg / dm3, with good mechanical optimization feature in a given half-layer of material.

The program range development of shielding materials includes products for shielding ionizing radiation with the moderating and absorbing layer or its various combinations to achieve optimal shielding values for both neutron and secondary gamma radiation.

The solution of gamma radiation shielding for the spectrum occurring in the practice of nuclear energy and high neutron fluxes of new generation nuclear sources is being tested and verified.

ANORGAN project launched in 2014

In cooperation with scientific institutes AV ČR, ČVUT a CVŘež, we have developed completely original inorganic materials that shield ionizing radiation.

The materials are created on the basis of geopolymer matrices with suitable admixtures of quantities and types of cores of chemical elements providing the required shielding functions for defined sources of ionizing radiation.


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